Course Details


The PGDCA programme has been designed under the semester system. The programme focuses on providing a sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to learners in the relevant areas of computer applications. The curriculum is designed so as to help learners develop strong software competencies, analytical and problem solving abilities which are the requisite skills to prepare for successful careers as computer professionals.



1. Those who have passed Bachelor Degree with or without major in any discipline from a recognised university.
2. However, Mathematics or Computer Science at 10+2 level shall be essential.
3. The candidates who do not have Mathematics or Computer Science at 10+2 level, will have to enroll for Bachelor Praparatory Programme (BPP) simultaneously.

Rs. 7,200/- per semester for Regular Classroom.

Rs. 3,200/- per semester for Special Classroom.

The above fee are excluding University Fee.

1 (FIRST) Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
Digital Logic
Computer Programming using C
Fundamentals of Networking and Internet


Having placed India on the world map, this field will continue to flourish and contribute heavily to India's GDP. Robust economy and policies has seen Indian IT industry withstanding the global effects of recession in a large way thus paving the way for more investments in this field.


Software Engineer

Computer Programer

Interface Engineer

Java Developer

Project Manager

Information Security Analyst

IT Consultant

Data Modeler

..... and the list goes on