Rules & Regulations of CATS

  • #1 Admission

    The admission process starts in accordance with the dates and rules specified by the Authority. A student who desires to enroll in a particular course offered by the College will have to complete admission procedures and get himself/herself registered within the notified time period. The documents along with requisite fee needs to be approved by the Authority to complete the admission process. The Academic year is divided into two semesters. The final degree will be awarded by the University. Parents and Guardians should know that their wards are admitted under the strict understanding that the students must comply with the rules and regulations specified by the College. The office should be informed of any change of address and phone number after the admission.
    All fee paid is non-refundable.

  • The college provides Regular Class Schedule for students who is enrolled with the college under regular class schedule mode. Saturday Class Schedule is provided to the students especially those who are under some kind of employment. The timing of the regular class schedule is from 10:15 AM to 5:00 PM and for Saturday class is from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Each class is divided into 45 minutes duration.

  • The college takes regular feedback from the students who are enrolled with the college under regular class schedule. Generally feedback from the students are taken twice in a semester. The feedback is evaluated and the result is displayed in the college Notice Board and in the website as well. The college appeals to all the students who opted for regular class to be present on the day of feedback.

  • The college conducts a face to face interaction with all the regular class students to get an idea about students' grievance and make the necessary modification, if any, required in its day to day affairs.

  • 1. Decency in Dress and decorum in behaviour.
    2. Punctuality.
    3. Disciplined, focused approach to your life in general and to studies in particular.
    4. Awareness of social conditions around and developing a proactive response to them.
    5. Adherences to secular values and ideals.
    6. A scientific outlook.
    7. Interest in cultural activities, sports and games.
    8. Follow the Notice Board on daily basis.

  • 1. Keep your Identity Card with you while you are at College premises.
    2. Use of drugs/alcohol is strictly prohibited in the College campus.
    3. Bringing outside guests/friends in the college is strictly prohibited.
    4. Punctuality is to be maintained in all matters - specially in Class Attendance and Examination Attendance.
    5. Loitering around or littering in the college campus/corridors are strictly prohibited.
    6. Any kind of violent conduct in the college is strictly prohibited.
    7. Ragging in any forms is strictly prohibited in the college.
    8. Decorum in dress and behaviour must be maintained.
    9. Damage should not be caused to any college property in any form.
    10. College Computer System should not be tampered with in any way and should not be used for any personal works.
    11. Reputation of the college must be upheld even outside the college.

  • A student must maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in all subjects separately. A student who has between 60% and 74% attendance on grounds of illness or involvement in extra-curricular activities will have to seek grant of absence from the Head of the Centre (HOC), producing valid documents.

    In case of illness, a student must submit a doctor's medical certificate and related documents along with the application for leave. Leave application must be submitted within three days of the student's absence. Submission of leave application in itself will not suffice for the purpose of obtaining grant of absence. In case of extra-curricular activities, a student must submit written confirmation of his/her participation from the concerned authorities. Grant of absence in each case must be in explicit written form authorized by HOC.

  • The college conducts Mid Term Test subject wise. All the students under Regular class schedule are required to attend the same. Students under Special class schedule may also appear for the same. In that case, the Asstt. HOC must be contacted for the date of test.

  • As per Guidlines of the Authority.

  • Student should take great care to look up the Notice Board on coming to, and leaving the College. No excuse will be considered if Notices on the Board are ignored.

  • All the students (under Regular Class Mode) are required to wear the College Uniform to attend classes.

  • All these kind of activity in anywhere in the College premises is strictly forbidden.

  • Each student is provided an Identity Card. This card is to be carried always and presented whenever asked for.
    The Identity Card may not be passed on for use to anyone else, otherwise the owner of the card will be held responsible for any damaged or loss caused by the user.
    If the Identity Card is lost, the Asstt. HOC must be informed immediately.

  • Uses of mobile phones inside classroom(s) / Lab room(s) are strictly prohibited without permission of the Teacher / Trainer. In case of violation of this code, a fine of Rs.500/- will be imposed for the first offence. After that the phone will be confiscated.

  • The College takes no responsibility for the loss of vehicles/ bicycles. Students are advised to have their vehicles/bicycles securely locked, chained and parked at the bicycles stands. Good civic sense demands that cars and motor cycles are not parked on the pavement.

  • Ragging of any kind and magnitude inside/outside the college campus will not be tolerated and stringent disciplinary action will be taken accordingly. Any incident of ragging must be brought to the notice of the HOC or Asstt. HOC.

  • For absence longer than 5 classes the HOC of the college must be informed for allotment of special classes, if required. The allotment of special classes is subject to the availability of working days and college schedule.

  • Any / all communication from the institution to the student shall be made through any / all the following means:
    1. SMS: To the mobile number provided by the student at the time of taking admission.
    2. E-mail: To the e-mail id provided by the student at the time of taking admission.
    3. Website: Through the official web site of the institution i.e. WWW.CATSDHUBRI.COM. Students are informed to visit the site regularly to get all the updates.
    4. Notice Board: Students are advised to make a habit of reading the notice board of the institution.


    >>The institution shall not take responsibility of non-delivery of SMS (for whatever may be the reason/s) or bouncing of e-mail or delayed viewing of Website or Institute's Notice Board.
    >>For proper delivery of SMS or E-mail, the students are asked to submit their respective Mobile No and e-mail id (in CAPITAL letters) to the Asstt. HOC of the institution.
    >>Change in Mobile No. of a student is allowed only 1 time in the entire duration of study.
    >>For SMS service the students are asked not to put their Mobile no in Do Not Disturb (DND) service.

  • The Institution provides Placement Assistance to its students who
    1. Clears all the Semester End Final Examination without any gap (for whatever reaseons it may be) or without any arrear
    2. Maintains a minimum class attandance percentage of 80% in each subjects in each semester
    3. Course duration should not be less than 3 years.

    Preferance is given to those students who are enrolled in Regular Classroom Training Mode.

  • All correspondence to the college must be addressed to
    The Head of Centre
    College of Advanced Technical Studies
    G. T. B. Road
    Opp. Students' Library
    Dhubri - 783301

  • Head of the Institution - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    Head of the Centre - 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
    Assistant Head of the Centre - 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM